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Margaret McHenry Maids embodies the tradition of quality and performance originally exhibited by the butlers and maids of Great Britain. As they sought to anticipate each need, we, too, strive to deliver a perfected standard of service.

Any luxury too easily obtained is probably not a luxury at all.

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The Margaret McHenry Clean

The Margaret McHenry Clean includes the completion of our 75+ point cleaning checklist, and many clients request additional en residence tasks we are happy to complete. Please contact us for a complimentary estimate.

Our Process Cleaning Service Kansas City Ks

Our 75+ Point Cleaning Checklist

  • Kitchens
    1. Scrub and disinfect the sink and faucet
    2. Disinfect and shine appliance exteriors
    3. Disinfect and clean inside and outside of the microwave
    4. Sanitize and clean the stovetop, range, hood, and drip pans
    5. Sanitize countertops
    6. Top of refrigerator dusted
    7. Coffee maker and small appliances cleaned
    8. Cabinets spot-checked and cleaned
    9. Trash emptied
    10. Floors swept, and hand mopped
    11. Sink window cleaned
    12. Blinds* and window ledges dusted
    13. Cobwebs removed
    14. Switchplate covers disinfected
    15. Ceiling fan dusted
    16. Clean eating area table and chairs
    17. Dust light fixtures

    *Due to the delicate nature of metal and plastic mini-blinds, these are not included in our cleaning process.

  • Family and Dining
    1. Dust furniture, lamps, wall hangings and surfaces
    2. Vacuum drapes (upon request)
    3. Floors swept or vacuumed and hand mopped
    4. Trash emptied
    5. Dust TV/entertainment center
    6. Rugs vacuumed
    7. Mop/vacuum under rug edges
    8. Ceiling fan dusted
    9. Cobwebs removed
    10. Blinds* and window ledges dusted
    11. Switchplates disinfected
    12. Upholstered furniture vacuumed
    13. Dining area table and chairs detail cleaned

    *Due to the delicate nature of metal and plastic mini-blinds, these are not included in our cleaning process.

  • Laundry Room
    1. Appliances wiped down
    2. Cabinet fronts and countertops cleaned
    3. Dust all surfaces
    4. Trash emptied
    5. Floors vacuumed or swept and hand mopped
    6. Sink and faucet scrubbed and disinfected
    7. Cobwebs removed
    8. Ceiling fan dusted
    9. Switchplates disinfected
    10. Blinds* and window ledges dusted

    *Due to the delicate nature of metal and plastic mini-blinds, these are not included in our cleaning process.

  • Miscellaneous
    1. All rooms tidied
    2. Surfaces dusted
    3. Cobwebs removed
    4. Floors vacuumed or swept and hand mopped
    5. Trash emptied
    6. Front and back doors detailed and cleaned
    7. Entryway dusted/cleaned/vacuumed
    8. Stairs vacuumed or swept
    9. Banisters dusted
    10. Ceiling fans dusted
    11. Blinds* and window ledges dusted
    12. Switchplates disinfected

    *Due to the delicate nature of metal and plastic mini-blinds, these are not included in our cleaning process.


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    Why is Margaret McHenry Maids the best choice?

    Serving clients since 1997, we offer flexible cleaning schedules and reliable crews. Our teams are experienced, efficient and professionally trained. We personalize cleaning services for your needs, and we also offer the completion of en residence tasks.

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    What is the advantage of hiring a cleaning company over an individual?

    We have teams of three professionally trained maids to “divide and conquer” the cleaning of your home so that it is done quickly and efficiently. The team approach provides a system of checks and balances to make sure the job stays consistent. Hiring a company also allows for a more reliable service; we always have a team available for your particular day.

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    Do I have to sign a contract?

    No. Customers may use our services as necessary, whenever needed.

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    Do I provide any cleaning equipment or products?

    No. We provide all the cleaning equipment and products, ensuring your home receives a thorough, efficient and complete cleaning.

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    How do I pay?

    Margaret McHenry Maids allows clients to pay in a variety of ways:

    • Leave either a check or cash to be picked up on the day of cleaning.
    • Provide our office with a credit card number prior to the scheduled cleaning, so it is always applied to your card account, and you do not have to worry (we do require a credit card number as a deposit prior to the first service).
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    What happens if something is broken or I’m dissatisfied?

    Margaret McHenry Maids is fully insured and bonded for every circumstance, so you and your belongings will be well cared for. We will notify you immediately if an accident occurs and assure you we will handle the unfortunate circumstances to your complete satisfaction.

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    Do I have to be present during the cleaning?

    No, the maids know exactly what is required; if you have additional instructions, we ask that you contact the office so we can pass it on to the maids. Please make sure we know how the maids are to enter your home and how we should lock up upon exiting; we will take care of everything.

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    When do the maids arrive?

    Office staff will contact you by phone call, text or email 48 hours in advance of your scheduled cleaning to ensure a provided time frame will suit your schedule.

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    Am I required to tip the cleaning crew?

    Tips are not required, but if you would like to thank the crew, you may tip them or provide us with feedback via our comment cards. Google and Facebook “thank-yous” are always appreciated as well.

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    What if I want changes to the cleaning or date of service?

    We strive to please all of our customers. If at any time you want to make any change to your service, call or email us, and we will be happy to accommodate your wishes.


So you know exactly what we mean, we would like to take a moment to identify some areas for definition:

Kansas City Ks Cleaning Service Maids Our Process
  • Condition

    As with leather or woodwork, we thoroughly clean the surface, then apply a specially designed product intended to restore shine and help the surface last longer. It is especially beneficial to condition woodwork twice a year: after the winter, when in-door heat causes wood to dry out, and at the beginning of spring/summer to protect the wood from extra dust entering the home, sunlight and animals. Leather should be conditioned on an as-needed basis.

  • Disinfect

    The industry standard is for a product to set on a surface for 15 minutes to thoroughly saturate in order to remove bacteria and germs.

  • Dust

    There are two types of dusting: dry dusting and hand dusting. “Dry dusting” involves a high-quality feather duster, and allows the maid to efficiently remove dust from areas without spending unnecessary labor. “Hand dusting” with a treated microfiber cloth involves the maid picking up an item, hand-detailing for dust, then carefully replacing the item to its rightful position.

  • Green Cleaner

    An effective cleaning product made up of environmentally-friendly ingredients

  • Hand-detail

    The maid uses a treated microfiber cloth to focus on cleaning details of an item, such as each slat of a set of blinds, every part of the baseboards, each and every decorative item on shelves, etc.

  • Hand-mop

    The maid is on their hands and knees, using a specially treated soft cloth, to pick up every bit of debris or to carefully wipe scuff-marks (especially recommended in the kitchen and bathrooms)

  • Polish

    Depending on the material (wood, chrome, glass, etc.), we use appropriate cleaners to remove build-up and dirt to bring out the materials’ natural luster.

  • Sanitize

    The spraying on of a specifically designated cleaner to remove surface germs and bacteria, then immediately wiping dry

Customer ReviewsWhat Our Clients Are Saying

Wonderful company! They are, by far, the best cleaning company I have ever used. I had a three-bedroom apartment, and they would do a biweekly clean. When I would come home after they would leave the place was so clean it was like a different place. They are absolutely amazing and were recommended to me by a local moving company. Oliver W. | Kansas City Area Home Cleaning Client
Very nice and helpful service. Shellie B. | Kansas City Area Home Cleaning Client
Fantastic service! Literally the fastest, most thorough cleaning process I've ever experienced. I had a baby three weeks ago, and within two hours of their arrival, my place was spotless! They made sure that both my baby and I were comfortable by cleaning his and my room first. They went above and beyond with special touches such as cleaning my patio furniture and baseboards. Margaret McHenry Maids was on time,... Alanna | Kansas City, MO
I love the Margaret McHenry Maids. They are thorough, polite, and work in a timely manner. I have already recommended them to my friends and family. I also appreciate that the same ladies come each week. Dianne M. | Kansas City Area Home Cleaning Client
With me having MS, the ladies are doing what I struggle with doing. I have been receiving services with Margaret McHenry Maids since November of 2020, and I must say, their services are impeccable. The ladies are very polite, professional, and systematic with their cleaning. I highly recommend their services. Great job ladies, I appreciate and thank you for all that you do. Pam | Kansas City
We have been so grateful for this team! They do an excellent job, are on time, and are flexible when needed. Highly recommend! Wendy C. | Kansas City